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Wireless Temperature Monitoring


The RadioProbe System monitors and records temperature from any location without any wires using radio communication

Temperatures are transmitted to a standard PC where they are displayed and stored for later viewing and analysis
No installation work is required. Simply place the temperature probes in position and install the software onto your PC.

Just the installation of alternatives could cost more than buying a RadioProbe System.


RadioProbe Features:   
  • The RadioProbe System uses radio communication to read temperature from any position.

  • Instant installation. Just place RadioProbes. Move them any time.

  • Effortless due diligence – Full temperature records are automatically maintained and can be printed for all critical locations to prove compliance with requirements.

  • Immediate retrieval and display of any data stored. View and print information as graph or text.

  • Special Lithium batteries that function down to –55°C are used so that RadioProbes can be operated within the environment to be measured.

  • RadioProbes can usually send messages through metal freezers and display cabinets so the insulation is not degraded making holes for conventional probes.

  • The very low power radio transmissions do not require a licence.

  • Audible, visual, email, pager, and telephone dial-out warnings for temperature emergencies.